ACU Summer School…

…by Monjurul / from Bangladesh / studying MSc One Health / 1st Year

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is an international organisation dedicated to building a better world through higher education. International collaboration is central to this ambition: by bringing universities together from around the world – and crucially the people who study and work within them – the ACU helps to advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and improve lives.

Among many of their activities, yearly summer school in a partner university is a wonderful arrangement to bring multicultural students in a common platform to work on a problem. I participated in the 2019 summer school held in the University of Mauritius. The theme of the year was ‘Public health: from a small island state to the global community’. The event brought together 43 students from 15 countries around the Commonwealth and challenged them to apply their knowledge to real-world public health issues.

I was the only participant from Bangladesh. The journey started with the online application which is usually due by mid-January every year. There was a notification by the end of March about the acceptance. I assume I was the only guy, need to secure my visa in advance. Luckily it was issued online without any hassle.

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 15.54.31

The programme was consisting of many interesting exercises, lectures and a project to complete in a week. To me, it was a straight forward task but an important issue was to communicate and come to a consensus about a decision among the participants. The world is no more very big and diverse rather we need to communicate in a single work among the people from different background. It’s extremely important to accommodate effective communication. Participation in a summer school is a wonderful experience for the students to know the real-life challenges in commination.

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 15.54.41

I enjoyed the time, came to know about the interesting aspect of public health of the country as well as stamped an entry seal at my passport. I also made good friends. I recommend ACU summer school for you.

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