Se estás mal…

…by Madalena / from Portugal / PhD Evolutionary and Developmental Biology / 2nd Year

“Se estás mal, muda-te” – a portuguese saying

You might be wondering why I wrote something in another language that by yourself you cannot understand. It is a Portuguese saying that in the essence means if you are not okay, change it.

That’s what I did.

As a foreign student, we sometimes get homesick and having a comfortable space where we can have our own little special routine is key for pushing through more difficult times. And I felt like I had hit a brick wall…

I couldn’t find happiness outside of my house but it got way worse when I was inside. I was feeling constantly anxious about the smallest detail and desperate for being inside these 4 walls. That is no way of living and I was just dragging the problem and not thinking of a solution. Then I realized, the solution is fairly simple…maybe it won’t help as much as I think it will, but at least I can hold onto the hope of a change.

And since the day that I’ve made that decision, I feel more confident and I’ve looked past the troubles and the storm that was clouding my judgment has let the sun shine through. I’ve decided to move and even though some people would just handle it until the end, for me I need a change of scenery to relax and have a space I can feel closer to home.

So that is my advice to you, a simple one…, but if for any reason you no longer feel like that’s the place you need to be or the thing you should be doingchange. Or at least do something to invert your perspective about it!

Soon I will move into another place where I hope to find the comfort I am looking for,


Wish me luck!

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