Welcome to my blog!..

…by Elizabeth / from Australia / MSc Neuroscience 2017-2018



My name is Elizabeth or eli for short and I was born in Adelaide, Australia. I moved to San Diego, California when I was 8 years old. I graduated with a BS in health science-public health and sociology and decided I wanted a more scientific background, so I applied and was accepted to the University of Edinburgh to complete a Research Masters in Neuroscience. I work in Richard Morris’s lab, with an amazing supervisor, Dorothy Tse, and two intelligent and incredibly friendly undergraduates, Lauren and Theo. We are working towards understanding more about everyday memory in rats. This blog will take you on a journey of what life is really like as a post-grad, while also serving as a teaching platform. I’ll have posts discussing “a day in the life” and posts explaining interesting topics, and of course, my project.  I am still unsure about a life in research and considering a more hands on approach with patient care, such as a physician, but science is my #1 passion and curiosity and my journey is just beginning! I am very happy to answer any questions and love to hear any comments or suggestions! Hope you enjoy the read!

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