Research; Early Stages…

…by Kiki / from Nigeria / MSc Global Health and Infectious Diseases 2017-2018
Hey Readers,
It’s OBVIOUSLY been a more than a long while since my last post. However, this has never left my mind. And what better awesome way to make an “Edinblog” comeback than this joyous holiday season.
So, without much ado, I am wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I wish us all light and love in our homes and our hearts.
Now, what has been happening with my studies?
My answer will be “Not so much” and “A lot”!
“Not so much” because my only mission this academic year is to undertake a great research thesis that would complete my eligibility to be awarded the Masters in Global Health and Infectious Diseases.
“A lot” because apart from my usual work and life activities (characteristic of a distance-learning student), undertaking a research is a monumental and interesting task on its own.
For now, I have a whole concept note written down and approved by my supervisor. However, I I am still in the very early stages of putting together thoughts on my thesis, reading up A WHOLE LOT on my research topic and interests, defining my focus and charting out my research plan. In fact, this early planning stage is perhaps the most important part for me as it sets the pace for the entire journey of undertaking a research.
So far, I have learned that I must select a suitable topic that should naturally be in sync with my area of interests, and I must understand my topic areas inside out. I have also learned that I have to define and re-define and re-define my focus when necessary, and I must be ready to evolve and grow with this. I also need to understand and predict the relevance, usefulness and implementation of my research to scientific and social development. This is particularly important to me because I believe that the essence of research is development, and as a development advocate, research must meet the very need that birthed its existence in the first place.
I have gone through all these different stages – I am still going through some of them – but to a great extent and with the help of my supervisors, I have now found a very interesting angle to my research that I am excited to pursue.
My research topic is “Evaluation of Public Awareness of Zoonoses in Nigeria”. This is directly in line with my interests in zoonoses and health education/advocacy. And it is very interesting that I would be utilizing and synchronizing my platform MyAnimal,MyHealth ( to carry out the research activities. It is clear to see that all things will always work together for good.
 So, though I fully intend to rest, sleep a lot, binge-watch TV shows and generally have fun with friends and family this holiday season, I am very eager to get back to work on this soon.


Have a beautiful day everyone!

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