Pint of Science 2017…

…by Chiara / from Austria / PhD Neuroscience 2016-2019

This post is long overdue – Pint of Science 2017 was a little more than a month ago, but I have been incredibly busy with my research in the last months so I had to tune down blogging for a bit for a bit.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I am an avid science communicator and like to engage with the public – even if I don’t neccessarily hold the talks myself, at least I like to organise them. Pint of Science is therefore a great opportunity for me: it brings researchers to the pub to share their science with a lay audience in a relaxed setting. Spread over three consecutive nights each year in May, it is very popular in cities all over the UK and over the world, and obviously also in Edinburgh. There are a lot of different topics, such as Atoms to Galaxies (physics), Planet Earth (Geology/Geography/Biology), Our Body (Medicine), Beautiful Mind (Neuroscience/Psychology/Psychiatry), Tech Me Out (Novel Development in Technologies), etc.


Similar to Pint of Science Edinburgh 2016, I was part of the organising team for the Beautiful Mind Events. However, this year I stepped up as a team leader which added a bit more responsibility to my role. We also had an expansion of our team – last year, we were only three people, while this year we were 7 people. I was very glad when it all went down well, and as last year, all three of our neuroscience-related “Beautiful Mind” nights were sold out. Yay!

We had an interesting mix of talks, ranging from how the environment influences our mental health and how green spaces are good for us, over to bilingualism and dementia to perception and what happens when it goes awry.

I have written two short pieces for the EuSci mag about Monday (Parks and Recreation) and Wednesday night (Is this the real life?), and you can also find a summary for Tuesday night (Language, the brain and dementia) in the news section.

Parks and Recreation
Language, the brain and dementia
Is this the real life?

I have just added a couple more images below to give you an impression of the night.




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