Jingle Cells…

…By Sophie / from the United Kingdom / studies PhD Tissue Repair / 4th Year


Jingle Cells, Jingle Cells

Jingle through the lab

Oh what fun it is to stain

and visualise with DAB


My friend Sarah is very talented at knitting and made these festive cells as decorations for the lab and I LOVE them. From left to right: astrocyte, endothelial cell, red blood cell, neuron and stem cell. The Santa hats are an excellent flourish.

Christmas is nearly here and the lab is emptying out as everyone heads home. My last day is tomorrow and I’ve been trying to wrap up experiments like I wrap up Christmas presents… bad joke.

Something I’ve managed to do is a podcast episode with a few others from our SCRM science communications group Team RegeneratED. We recorded it in a tiny little room in the lab which none of us had noticed before. Very Room of Requirement. You can listen to our podcast here! Hope you enjoy it and if there’s any advice, we’re looking to make more podcasts in the new year.

The first half of the podcast is a SCRM scientist talking about their work. I had a great interview with Elaine Emmerson who is a new group leader at the SCRM. I really enjoyed learning about her research and I also found it interesting to hear about her career progression. What she said about realising that your own ideas were valid and interesting has actually really stuck with me since the interview and I think it’s something I need to work on too!

The second half of the podcast is a very serious discussion about the Science of Santa and his liver health. No, really. I made some questionable calculations about how much alcohol Santa is consuming on Christmas eve and we got a liver expert, Phil Starkey Lewis from the Forbes group, in to tell us how much cirrhosis we could expect in Santa…


Merry Christmas everyone!

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