Group work and final assessments…

…by Daniela / from Portugal / MSc Neuroimaging / 3rd Year

Hi all,

It’s March and it’s the Easter holidays already.
I won’t write for too long as I’m sure everybody wants to enjoy their time off.
The course modules finished nearly two weeks ago and it’s time to study for the final assessments.
Aside from the final assessments we also have activities during the year (as I have mentioned in previous posts). I always preferred individual assessments rather than group work however I must say that ever since I started on this MSc, I’m slowly changing my view on this.

Group work has always been the source of some stress for me however since we started having group assessments in the MSc, I realized how useful this type of work is. There has been countless occasions in which, due to the fact that all of us in the group have different backgrounds and different work experience, my contributions have been complemented by my colleagues contributions – this not only allows for a much more complete submission but it has also allowed me to increase my knowledge and understanding regarding certain topics.

In regards to the final assessment, it will be starting mid-April and it will be finishing at the end of that month so there will be a lot to do in the upcoming weeks 🙂

Well, I hope everybody has a lovely time off and you’re able to recharge your batteries – Blessed Holidays!!!

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