Fifth Fringe in Edinburgh…

…by Katherine / from Canada / PhD Biomedical Sciences 2015-2018

In true Edinburgh Fringe Festival fashion, the weather has turned very grey and rainy. George Square Gardens have been transformed into Fringe venues. Tourists are out in full force with soggy maps trying to soak up Edinburgh, before all-things Fringe engulf the city (I think it may be too late).

Lab stuff

I try to be as on top of my data as possible, but somehow some data had slipped through the cracks. I just found 5 days-worth of imaging experiments I’d forgotten doing in the mad dash leading up to Christmas/India. When I say just found, I mean just found, literally an hour ago! 5 folders from December are just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be analysed. The more data, the better, right? I’ve been doing lots of imaging recently to try to finish up the last few experiments I need for my thesis. A thesis does not have to tell a full story (papers do), but I have the cells and I may or may not be putting off actually writing up. Productive procrastination at its finest! I’m hoping to be done all my experiments by mid September at the absolute latest (and now that I’ve written it down it has to happen 😀 ).

More Edinburgh adventures

Of course everyone chooses the final crunch of my PhD to come visit. I like it though, it is a welcome distraction. Since one of my best friends from home came to visit at the end of June, I have also had one of my close friends from school come visit for a weekend and a childhood friend come up from London. I have explored Edinburgh, all the closes and the bridges and the haunted vaults (again). I’ve been all over New Town and Old Town and had my fair share of haggis. It has been very good way to keep my mind off the panic*.

*Yes, the fear has become the panic. I try not to let it overwhelm me (deep yoga breaths). I do have plenty of time and more than enough data. I try not to dwell on it. The panic can be kept at bay by lots of yoga, making my way through my analysis and weekly meetings with my supervisor. I’ve also made lists of what is done and what I have yet to do. The panic is curled up in a corner right now, I feel on top of things, but a simple “how’s you’re writing going?” could set it off again!

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