Ethics Approval Confirmed!..

…by Nancy / from the United States / MSc Equine Science / 3rd Year

Hi Everyone!

On November 14, I received a letter of Ethical Approval for my research from the University. Yes! Now my research can begin.

The first step is making sure my survey will be a good fit for the statistical program I intend to use. I imported a sampling of my Pilot Survey into rStudio and all went very well. Now it’s onto my PowerPoint Presentation. In retrospect, I really am glad that I spent the time waiting for approval, doing research and reading about my chosen topic. That time well spent is paying off ! Now it’s just a matter of putting my thoughts together to tell administrators how my project will proceed via a slide presentation. It’s kind of like selling the idea of your research to explain why the data uncovered may be important. I can’t say enough about the program support I received during this process.

Fall racing recap:

High Powered won his Maiden Special Weight race at Belterra Racetrack and is currently training at the Fairgrounds in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are anticipating another race for him sometime in December.


Storm Temple Pilot won two in a row on the Turf course at Canterbury and is also in New Orleans awaiting another Turf sprint opportunity.

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