The opportunity that turned 2019 into one of the best years of my life…

…by Ayebare / from Uganda / MSc International Animal Health / 1st Year

I always had a desire to pursue a master’s degree in animal health but I had continuously failed to find the best program for me. On 8th January, I had passed by my mentor’s office to have a chat about my future prospects that an opportunity fell my way. As soon as I sat down, my eyes landed on a beautiful magazine that I requested to borrow for half an hour. Behold!  That’s when my story with the University of Edinburgh began.

I had heard interesting stories about the University of Edinburgh from my undergraduate university professors but none of them can compare to the information I found in this magazine. MSc in International Animal Health is the heading that caught my attention and as I read through the paragraphs on that page, I realized that everything I had been wishing for was there before my eyes.

One week later, I reached out to my mentor to request for guidance on how to apply for a master’s degree.  All that was in my heart was a prospect of studying my dream course from one of the best universities on the planet.

I contacted the program director for more information on the course I wanted to undertake and the opportunities for financial assistance available. The response was the best I have ever received from someone of his intellectual standing. Day by day, I was falling deeper and deeper in love with the university and at this point, I was never looking back.

Through my tight work schedule, I always found time to apply and respond to the emails from the University promptly. The application process was tougher than I expected but I was not willing to take any risk at this point in time.

Alas! I finally received an unconditional offer of study and that was the best night since the start of the year. And guess what! I congratulated myself with a chicken burger.

I began my studies in September and three months down the road, I feel the decision I took is the best for now and the future.

The University of Edinburgh is everything I hoped it would be and much more.

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