Studying as an online distance learner…

…by Asra / from Pakistan / MSc Clinical Management of Pain / 2nd Year

Hey guys! This is Dr. Asra here. I am a Postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I am a Dentist by profession.

I became interested in studying for the Clinical Management of Pain (online distant learning) program because I was working as a Dental Practitioner in Jeddah KSA back in 2018. However, I wanted to achieve higher education along with my practice. I love this program as it’s a modules based program that can easily fit around your busy schedule.

As an online distant learner, I never feel as though I am living too far away from the University of Edinburgh. The online learning environment is so friendly and enthusiastic, it makes you feel as if you are studying on campus. The online program has built great communication skills for me and you can effectively share your expertise among the other colleagues in the health care disciplines.

I believe that the program has given me a lot of self-confidence, particularly when thinking about the different issues that require attention and further research in order to get a clear vision. The University of Edinburgh provides an equal opportunity for both on-campus and online students.

Furthermore, the University of Edinburgh is among the top ranked universities in the UK. I feel blessed to be a part of it. You will graduate as an evidence-based clinician and will be among some of the most highly qualified distinctive practitioners in your field of expertise.

I acknowledge the whole programme team and everyone that supported me for my endeavors!

“We are Edinburgh!”

Below I am sharing some of the memories of my visit to the University of Edinburgh last year. I wanted to explore Edinburgh city and simultaneously I got an opportunity to be a volunteer for the Welcome Week at the University of Edinburgh.

Welcome Week Volunteer 2018/2019 (WWV) University of Edinburgh

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