Catching Up…

…by Mark / from the United States / MSc Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases / Online Learning Graduate 2018

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the incredibly late reply. Now that Christmas is over, I feel I finally have some time to breathe after a rough first semester! It certainly wasn’t due in part by the classes per se; in fact, I just had a lot of things pile up on my plate as a surprise. For example, not even one week after my first course Introduction to Immunology began, my family and I needed to start moving to our new home that is roughly an hour drive away with minimal traffic.
With our staggered work schedules, we really only had time to do the move during the weekends, so this took up precious study time. Combined with my responsibilities at work (which started to pick up due to the incoming flu season), I reached a point of stress that I actually contemplated leaving my program. However, after consulting wonderful individuals that supported me throughout my ordeal including my mentor, I persevered and made it through the move, all while staying afloat in my courses. I didn’t get the best marks I could have… but it certainly allows me to see where I can focus on and improve for next semester’s courses. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Aside from moving, studying, and working, I also had the opportunity to return to my undergraduate alma mater in Anchorage, Alaska during a business trip in order to finally wrap up my research thesis. I will include a future post complete with some beautiful pictures of snowfall in October!

I hope everyone had a great first semester of the academic year and are enjoying the holidays. Let’s finish up this year with good tidings, and start up a new one with good cheer!


– Mark



This blog post was originally published 26/12/16 here.

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