University of Edinburgh – fervent about Equine Science…

…by Nancy / from the United States / MSc Equine Science / 3rd Year

January is the beginning of my 3rd research year at the University of Edinburgh. This entire adventure into academia has been, and continues to be, eye opening and thought provoking as evidence based research confirms ideal practices in Equine Management.


My first module was on Equine Welfare and Behavior (2015). Meeting up with others around the world and discussing the plight of horses in today’s modern world was, and continues to be, a humbling experience. Delving into the natural and ethological behaviors of equids left me amazed that this creature actually survives the constraints we, as humans, sometimes put on them. I highly recommend this coursework, or similar studies, to any and all horse enthusiasts.

My first evaluated assessment was to compose a summary of current Equine Headshaking Syndrome research. I have since shared this research with others that have horses experiencing similar symptoms,(with a veterinary diagnosis of Equine Headshaking Syndrome), with positive feedback. Putting the data and statistics together to arrive at factual evidence based conclusions is a true passion of mine, especially when the outcomes may help owners make knowledge based management decisions for their horses! Doing well on my first assessment inspired me to continue on.

Four modules later and I am now approaching my statistical research methods module. After finishing this final class, I’ll be in my dissertation year. I am already formulating my topic and looking forward to what conclusions the data might suggest. One thing is a given…this program has boosted my confidence and desire to always be a life long learner. I am also thankful for all the hard work the staff does to encourage each student’s success.




This post was originally published on 26/01/18 here.


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