Langages at Edinburgh and the Scottish Culture…

…by Jasmine / studying German & Linguistics / in 2nd Year


I am a first year student and chose Edinburgh due to its flexible degrees. Throughout school I enjoyed most subjects and found it incredibly hard which to choose or drop. I loved German and had regretted not taking it to A-level. Not only was Edinburgh one of the only universities that let me take it from beginner level and continue with it through my degree, I was also able to take three subjects in first and second year (my two joint degree subjects German and Linguistics, and an elective).

I have definitely enjoyed my experience of studying languages at Edinburgh. In my German course I appreciate the five hours a week taught in a small class by the same tutor as misunderstandings are easily clarified. The course is intense so it is possible to join the main higher level German cohort in second year. Despite the large monthly vocabulary tests, the pace makes the course stimulating. Moreover, having been invited to join the higher German’s literature lectures and applied for a German summer scholarship, I am excited to continue my German studies.

As my elective subject this term I have also started studying Scottish Gaelic. This was never something I had ever considered before and at first I panicked at its seemingly impenetrable spellings and pronunciation. However, I have increasingly enjoyed and become engaged with the course. Beyond language learning, I have learnt so much about Scottish culture. I come from a small town in the very South West of England, and knew surprisingly little about Scotland, its geography or even that Gaelic was one of its minority languages. I have since learnt a lot more about Scottish history, its islands and the state of Gaelic language in Scotland today. I now know so much more about the place I will be calling home for the next four years, which I believe is highly valuable and encourage more students to do.



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