Taking a shot at the unknown…

…by Ritwik / studying Computer Science with Management / 2nd year

Blog Picture 1

The Sports and Activities fair held during the beginning of my first semester led me to find the Edinburgh University Rifle Club.

I had never shot a rifle previously and it seemed like something that would be a great change of pace from the other sports I played at the time, i.e. – tennis, football and swimming and so I decided to jump into the deep end and join.

Within the first few months, with the help of the very friendly senior members, I made my way through the ten-stage coaching sheet and managed to make some great friends in the club along the way. Soon after I was off to Aberdeen to represent the university in the novice category.

Blog Picture 2

That trip, till date is my most enjoyed university experience. Not only did I receive the support and help of my fellow team members, I also felt the intense friendly yet competitive atmosphere between the different Scottish universities.

Placing first in the competition was the cherry on the cake and it was then that I realised that university has so much more to offer than just courses and assignments. It also showed me that there are so many things for us to try out and really discover our hidden talents. It was truly a great experience and something that left me with memories and friends for life.

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