An escape from Medicine!…

…by Emily / from Glasgow / studying Medicine / 2nd Year

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One of the most valuable experiences that I have had in the time that I have been at Edinburgh University, since starting last year, is being part of one of the netball teams. I have loved having the opportunity to meet lots of new people from different backgrounds and courses. This has been great for me, as a medical student, as it lets me escape from the medic bubble! Having friends in my netball team is great for when I need to get away from the stress of my course and talk about things other than medicine.

I have enjoyed the regular training sessions as well as the excitement of competing against other universities. It is also great knowing that I am keeping my fitness levels up as that is something that has always been important to me.

I also think that being part of a sports team has helped to me to improve on many skills. For example, combining my studies with regular commitment to training and weekend games has helped me to manage my time, which will no doubt be very useful in the future! I have also loved bonding with the girls in training and in matches and I think that playing netball has helped me to improve my communication and team working skills.

Of course, a big part of the netball club is the social side. With a total of eight competing teams and even more recreational teams, we are a huge club with many different girls to meet! We regularly have social events, some with other sports teams and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

I am looking forward to being part of the team in the coming year. We have a few first years joining our team and I am excited to make them feel as welcome as I did last year! There is also the possibility, in the future, to take on roles such as captain of the team or committee roles, which I look forward to.

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