Reveling in Rivalry…

… by Hannah / from Buckinghamshire, England / studying Biological Sciences with Management / 1st year

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When I started my fresher year, I vowed to immerse myself in everything Edinburgh had to offer me, no matter what. So, when I was handed a flier promoting ‘an ancient rivalry’, my interest was piqued. It must be said, however, my interest faltered somewhat when I realized that it was the varsity rugby match. Nothing against rugby, its just never been a passion of mine. Nevertheless, remembering my vow I sacrificed £5, not sure what I was going to get out of the day.

Finally, gameday had arrived, my friend and I joined the hordes of freshers flooding onto the coaches outside Pollock. The journey itself was an experience, chants rang out from the back, rippling throughout the bus. The good times kept rolling as reached Murrayfield, the atmosphere electric. I didn’t even mind standing in the cold for a port-a-loo, well maybe I did a bit, but it’s all part of the experience, isn’t it?

Eventually, we were in the stadium, drinks in hand, awaiting kick off. The women were up first, and they did not disappoint. With each try they scored, and there were a lot, the crowd erupted into chaotic dancing and singing. When the game ended, the score 49-0, my heart filled with an overwhelming sense of school pride. The men’s match was next, and I was having the time of my life. At each try we danced and hollered just as hard, coming away with the win, yet again.

The matches over, it was time to go home. As we queued for buses, groans ran out. They were full, and it would be 40 minutes until one returned. My heart sank, I was cold and hungry.

However, time passed surprisingly quickly as we all huddled together, dreamt about dinner, and watched the sunset. Surrounded by people I had just met, I felt at home. Cheers signified the arrival of the much-awaited bus. We all piled in hoping to get home before the end of dinner at 7:30. When the bus arrived, and the clock read 7:28, we were off running. Making an out of breath arrival to the cafeteria at 7:29, we filled our plates, giggling like mad.

As we sat down to eat, recounting our adventure, I couldn’t help but grin. Two victories, a day full of dancing and singing, a new-found love for rugby, what more could I have asked for, for a fiver?

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