Home for dinner: the best day-trips from Edinburgh…

…by Bethany / studies Philosophy & Psychology / 2nd Year

We all love Edinburgh, but sometimes you need a day out of the hustle of the city. Whether you fancy a hike or some more historical exploration, there’s plenty to explore if you know where to look. These are the best day-trips I’ve been on from Edinburgh, and a few ideas for your next weekend break:

North Berwick

 Just 30 minutes on the train or an hour by bus, North Berwick has some very charming seaside vibes. As well as the wide beaches, there’s also plenty of quaint shops and charity shops to browse at your leisure. The Scottish Seabird Centre provides some shelter for a drink out of the wind, and if you’re feeling adventurous Tantallon castle is a short walk along the coastline. What more could you want!


North Berwick
North Berwick


The Pentland Hills

 This regional park really couldn’t be much closer. Hop on a 101 Stagecoach bus from Edinburgh bus station and ride down to Flotterstone Inn – there’s circular walks that take you near the stunning Glencorse reservoir, taking in some truly Scottish views. End up back at the pub for a game of pool and some proper hearty food.

Pentland Hills
Pentland Hills

Alnwick Castle

 If you’re up for an early morning, Alnwick castle is really worth making the trip to. Catch a train from Edinburgh Waverly to Alnmouth, and then a bus to the town of Alnwick. The trip takes about two hours each way, but once you’ve got there you are treated to Alnwick castle and gardens. If you want to see where Harry Potter had his first flying lesson, or even meet some birds of prey, this is a must for all history (or Hogwarts) enthusiasts.


St Andrews

 They may be our varsity rivals, but the University town of St Andrews has more to offer than a spot of rugby. The town is famous for its ‘Chariots of Fire’ beach and the cathedral ruins, but I’d recommend St Andrews Waffle Company and the Topping & Company bookshop. Maybe save a few hours for this one…


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