Edinburgh’s Christmas in 2018…

…by Rachael / from Scotland / studying English Literature / 4th year

Edinburgh’s Christmas is a six-week long, fun-filled extravaganza suitable for the entire family! This time around, it is running from the 16th of November to the 5thth of January in the heart of the city. I absolutely adore this time of year and I think Edinburgh is the perfect place to get you in the festive spirit!

East Princes Street Gardens

xmas market skyline

Step into the Gardens at this time of year and you’ll suddenly forget what they were like before. You will become submerged in the smells of amazing food and the markets selling the cutest, most unique gifts. From waffles, crepes, chimney cakes and German sausages all the way to candles, handmade jewellery, Christmas decorations and even wooden ties, something is bound to catch your eye! They make for the best souvenirs, or gifts for loved ones.

xmas markets big wheel at night

Further along, you’ll come across the big wheel – it’s pretty hard to miss that one, but also the Star Flyer ride which takes you 60 metres up in to the air and swings you around Edinburgh’s skyline, as well as a smaller but just as fun ride (The Yeti), a double-decker carousel and a few games for you to try your luck at winning a teddy!

The Gardens will eventually lead you down to…

Santa Land

xmas market 3 santa land

This is an area bursting with fun; here, there’s more suitable rides for the kids, a special maze to conquer and sweets galore! With Christmas music booming all around and Waverley’s trains coming and going behind you, take in and enjoy seeing the happy faces of people walking around and visiting this amazing city.

George Street

Just behind Princes Street lies George Street. The home to The Dome has adopted some more market-stalls and a gigantic illuminated walkway for this year’s celebrations. My advice and recommendation is to make sure you swing past the street after sunset; the decorations wrapped around The Dome come to life, as well as the walkway tunnel a little further along!

xmas markets dome

St. Andrew’s Square

The Square has ironically been taken over by a circular ice rink for all of the family to enjoy! Join in the fun, stand by and watch or even cross the bridge over the top of the rink into the indoor bar and escape the cold for a while. It’s a quieter – but just as beautiful – little area to stop by.

xmas market ice rink

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into Edinburgh’s Christmas – let me know if you’ve been and what you enjoyed most… If you haven’t yet been then I have one note of warning for you: wrap up!!! It’s freezing!

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