Dr Neil’s Garden…

…by Rachael / from Scotland / studying English Literature / 4th year

dr neils garden 5

You may or may not already know this but, hiding behind Edinburgh’s Duddingston Kirk and overlooked by the looming Arthur’s Seat, lies a secluded garden; one that faces the loch and is bursting with beauty. It is called Dr Neil’s Garden, and it exists as a result of the commitment and imagination of Drs. Andrew and Nancy Neil. To me, though, it is more than just a garden… It is a small and contained, yet beautifully formed, hidden gem. It encapsulates relaxation and peace, whilst providing the most stunning views.

I fortunately stumbled across the garden at the beginning of the summer and felt as if I was in some kind of Wonderland. Its serene and natural landscape captivated me, and I immediately felt at peace as I explored its intricate walkways under the sun.

The garden was founded back in 1963 by the Drs and, with the assistance of volunteers, it has blossomed into a hidden paradise. In order to safeguard the area, a charity has been established which is now responsible for maintaining and developing the space.

The garden is free of charge but is in desperate need of public support. For some reason, The National Trust for Scotland withdrew their grant, leaving the garden with the possibility of having no gardeners. Thus, donations are welcome and appreciated and there are many ways in which you can support the garden, all of which you can find online.

In all honesty, though, there is not much to do here. There is a café, mind you, but this is an area intended for relaxation purposes and so that nature can be cherished entirely in all its glory. Perfect.

dr neils garden 1

All of my pictures were captured on an old iPhone and have been left unedited so that you can appreciate the garden’s true beauty.

Rachael xo


For more information and pictures, visit their website:


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