…by Rachael / from Scotland / studying English Literature / 4th year

Homesickness storytimeEDIT

With a new academic year not long begun, I remember back to three years ago now when I had just moved to Edinburgh; by myself, young and nervous. Not long afterwards, I developed a bad case of homesickness, but I have learned how to deal with it in the best way I can.

If you have moved away from home, it is pretty much a fact that you will feel homesick at some point. But, don’t beat yourself up about it. Rather, try to think of homesickness as a good thing. That may be hard to do right now but hear me out…

Don’t you think that it would actually be a bad thing if you didn’t feel homesick? If you didn’t feel homesick, it would mean that you don’t have people to miss; that you don’t have a family bursting with love. It would mean that you don’t have friends and family who adore you and who care for you unconditionally. It would mean that you wouldn’t have the most warm welcome home, if you ever return.

So, why not feel happy and grateful that you ARE homesick? It means you have all of those things! And you are so lucky to! Imagine having no one to miss, and consequently not feeling homesick…that would be the sad thing.

Thus, appreciate feeling homesick, it means that you are loved.

Also, how about trying to create some old home-comforts in your new home? Think of any meals that make you think of home, any scents, clothes, furniture, books or even teddies, and bring them with you or re-create them to give you a piece of home from home. That way, a small part of it will always be with you.

Moreover, try to keep yourself busy! Pick up a hobby, go exploring or even write and read – just keep your mind as active as you can. Before you know it, hours will have passed and, for just a moment, you wouldn’t have thought about home.

Furthermore, if you need to cry or if you haven’t told people you are homesick, just do it. Crying and letting your emotions out will always make you feel better than bottling it up inside and trying to face an inner battle by yourself.

All in all, homesickness is super hard. It doesn’t matter if you have moved ten miles, one hundred miles or one thousand miles away, it can affect you in ways that you didn’t think imaginable. Don’t just accept it, work with it and try to resolve it. It’s ok to not be ok.

Most importantly, remember that it gets better in time. Time is the BEST healer!

If you know anyone who is homesick, share this post with them, see if it helps. Or, if it’s you who’s homesick, did this change your perspective on it, if even just a little? Everyone is different but it would be interesting to see if this helps you in the way it helps me.


Rachael xo

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