What to expect from online study…

…by Bassey / from Nigeria / studying MSc Global Health and Infectious Diseases (Online Learning) / 2nd Year (PG)


I am a second-year online learning student studying MSc Global Health and Infectious Diseases. I am also employed full time and married with a child. I started my studies in Nigeria and later relocated to the Gambia. So yes, my hands are full of various commitments! How do I cope? Here are my tips for managing personal commitments with your studies;

  1. Depending on your circumstance, plan a feasible number of hours to log in and check up on the latest developments in the course. This could be making/ responding to a post on an assessed discussion board or reading lecture materials.
  1. Understand that things may not always work out, even with the best of intentions so don’t beat yourself up. Dust yourself off and keep moving.
  1. Regarding assignments; anticipate failures to meet a deadline, communicate this well in advance with your course team.
  1. Finally, find time to enjoy your life. You can still find quality time for your work, family and studies.


I live in the smiling coast of Africa, the Gambia, and still find time to go for walks at the beach!

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