European adventures….

…by Hollie / from England / studying Veterinary Medicine / 4th Year

One of the best things about Edinburgh is being able to easily travel to so many European cities on a student budget. This year I have been lucky enough to spend quite a few weekends away. These are my top five student-friendly destinations:


Probably one of the most well-known student trips, Amsterdam has a reputation for being fun and cheap. There’s always an abundance of hostels available and activities to fill your time! I would highly recommend the Anne Frank Museum and the Tulip Market. A must do for any student weekend away!


Despite its reputation for being incredibly expensive, Copenhagen can certainly be done on a budget! Staying in an Airbnb and having packed lunches made all the difference when I went (and I also never struggled to find a picnic spot within the city!). Don’t forget to make a trip into Tivoli Gardens (the second oldest theme park in the world) one evening – it is a wonderland!



Definitely one of my favourite destinations, Rome is stunning no matter what the weather and has pizza and pasta at every turn! The city can be more expensive than some of the less well-known Italian towns, but if you book early enough, you can always get a good deal! Don’t forget your camera – you won’t want to forget a trip here!


The prime time for a visit to Germany is for the annual Oktoberfest, a 16 day festival filled with copious amounts of beer and traditional food in the Bavarian capital, Munich. This festival is German culture at its best and is endless amounts of fun! If you’re keen to make the trip, then do book up early as it’s very, very popular. A must do!


Full of hidden beaches and culture, Lisbon was a brilliant mini break! Everything is accessible using the metro and hostels often organise group activities so it’s easy to find a travel buddy! Do not leave without taking a trip to Belém to try a pastel de nata. There will be a giant queue winding out of Pasteis de Belém but it is absolutely worth it

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