A day with an English Literature student…

…by Rachael /  from Scotland / studying English Literature / 3rd Year (UG)


It happens to be a Monday, yet again, and I am walking through the Meadows ready for another new week at university. Although it has been precisely 126 weeks since my very first week here at the George Square campus, each day never fails to feel new and uniquely different; the leaves falling from the branches change their colour with every passing day, the faces on campus are fresh and my classes are always progressing from book to book, poem to poem.

For starters today, I’m served a lecture, shortly followed by an informal lunch with some classmates to discuss our assignments and then, to finish, a two-hour seminar. Each one brings its own discussions and duties: from rapidly jotting down notes to contributing any points of interest which may be helpful to my peers, it’s an active day for sure – bound to keep me busy!

Photo 1 edit
The Playfair Library in Old College is the setting for the majority of my exams…


It may initially be thought that my typical day is no different from another student’s from any other university but alas, aside from those essential responsibilities, Edinburgh provides you with scenery and architecture like no other. I may be in my third year, yet I do not see myself ever becoming bored or tired of the beauty surrounding me here. From the recently renovated McEwan Hall to the ancient buildings encapsulating the gardens in the square, I always feel special and thankful to live, work and study here. I will forever act as a tourist because of the endless picture-worthy moments, of which I take full advantage, yet at the same time, I feel at home.

The Meadows is one of my favourite places in the entire city…

Edinburgh allows studying to become enjoyable; something that you look forward to and are grateful to be doing for this chapter of your life. I will cherish the remainder of my time here and will keep on wishing that time would stop going so fast.

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