Fun things to do when friends visit Edinburgh…

…by Hollie / from England / studying Veterinary Medicine / 4th Year

The view from Arthur’s Seat and the Crags…

One of the best ways to take a break from your studies is to visit friends at different universities. Unsurprisingly, I found that once I started studying at Edinburgh, lots of my friends were eager to visit, especially as most of them had never been to Scotland. As the majority of people don’t have much time, and are often in town over the weekend, I always try to cram in as much as possible. Here are my recommendations for a fun-filled few days:

Walk up Arthur’s Seat

This is probably one of the most touristy activities but still one of the best to do with friends. The views are incredible whatever the weather and all the walking gives you plenty of time to catch up! Definitely a must for anyone visiting.

Check out the sights in the city

Edinburgh is seeped in history with something for everyone. Whether you explore the castle, wander up Calton Hill, or visit the National Museum, you’re bound to find somewhere your friends will enjoy. Do some research beforehand to ensure you tick something off the Edinburgh bucket list.

Take part in a seasonal activity

Whether it’s Edinburgh’s Christmas or the Festival Fringe in summer; there’s always something exciting and new going on in the city. My friends and I particularly enjoyed the Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) festivities and the autumn Enchanted Forest at Pitlochry. It is also worth remembering that many of these events are completely free which is great for students on a budget.

Take a road trip

Although Edinburgh is fantastic, some of the best sights are located outside the city.  If you have the chance to take a road trip, do it! Everyone enjoys searching for Nessie up at Loch Ness or even taking a ferry over to one of the islands. The Isle of Arran is the perfect size for a day trip, or you could even venture up into the Highlands if your guests are feeling more adventurous.

Try somewhere new

Having visitors is a great excuse to try somewhere or something new! My friends and I always go to a different bar, restaurant or area when they’re in town. This means I don’t end up in the same places all the time and helps us find some real hidden gems . One memorable evening we stumbled across a rooftop bar with a view of Edinburgh Castle on one side and the sea on the other – amazing! You never know what you’ll find when you go exploring in Edinburgh.

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