Top tips for Edinburgh student life…

… by Hollie / from England / studying Veterinary Medicine / 4th Year

After spending four years at university in Nottingham, I definitely thought that I was ready to study for a Veterinary Medicine degree in Edinburgh… turns out I still had a lot to learn! Having been here for several years now, these are the top five things I wish I had been told before I began my studies:

  1. Be prepared for the weather

I arrived in Edinburgh in August, blissfully unaware of how cold it actually gets up here! By the time it hit December I had almost fallen asleep against a radiator in a vain attempt to stay warm at night. Luckily, my family had the good sense to buy me a heated blanket! It changed my life and made those long evenings revising in bed that little bit better.

  1. Capture every moment

Edinburgh is stunning and the surrounding countryside even more so. On many occasions, I have walked through the Meadows and witnessed amazing sunsets and even the odd sunrise too. Now I wish I had captured more of these precious moments on film. Record as many memories as you can!

A lovely Edinburgh sunset…
  1. Try every restaurant

As someone who seriously loves their food I was blown away by the choice of eateries in Edinburgh. My housemates and I make a conscious effort to try a new restaurant every month and so far we have not been disappointed. Our favourite find is a student-friendly American style restaurant called TriBeCa. They do the most incredible breakfasts and much, much more!

  1. Make the most of student discounts

When I first started at university, I was often too shy and nervous to ask if shops offered student deals. Almost nine years on, I now direct all my purchasing power to places that make these concessions. Even some restaurants give a significant amount off for students and every little really does count when you are trying to survive on a budget.

  1. Find a mentor

When I began my course the amount of information we were given was daunting to say the least. However, after making a friend in the year above, I found that discussing things with her made life so much easier. She could explain how exams would be set out, which classes needed more preparation and where to get those all-important textbooks for less. Having a friend or mentor that has survived everything you are doing really does help – stay on the lookout for one!

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