The Last University Summer…

…by Fiona / from Australia / studying Fashion / 4th year (UG)

One of the best parts about Edinburgh University is the early summer break up. Spending from mid-May til mid-September doing whatever you choose; whether that’s an internship or a four month Euro trip; they’re both socially acceptable. The worst part about my summer… was watching everybody else dash off on holidays whilst I continued to sit exams and meet deadlines on exchange in Amsterdam!

EDITED Photo 1 Fiona Mitchell The Last University Summer
Pit stop on my way to uni in Amsterdam

My semester went right until the end of June – killer. But that build up only made the rest of my summer so much more worth it. Those first two weeks of freedom were spent exploring Holland and Italy with a lot of food and a lot of sun. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, I completely ran out euros. Zilch. I needed a summer job VERY fast. Studying Fashion at ECA meant what I really wanted was a high-flying design job at a major fashion house… so I decided to give it a google to see if anything came up, knowing in the back of my mind that waitressing was the more realistic option.

For all those out there worried about job prospects post-uni, one thing I have learnt is: right place, right time. I must have had all the luck in the world that day as within a week I became the head designer for a luxury-market vegan Dutch start-up called Alma. I didn’t just manage to find a summer job, but now I am working as a freelance designer, with a real salary (very exciting) and a full-time offer for when I graduate.

The last few weeks of summer were spent between Amsterdam and Edinburgh, dabbling between business meetings and the Fringe. Shortly following meetings with manufacturers and clients in London and Bucharest (Romania), I started reading up for my dissertation and took a few all-important trips to IKEA. Now that fourth year is well under way, I can confidently say that the skills I have picked up from professional experience and putting myself out there have launched me into a positive and exciting final year.

Goodbye to the last summer of freedom!

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