Meet Steph from Ontario, Canada…

Steph BouwhuisProfileLandscape…by Steph / from Ontario / went to Pine Ridge Secondary School / now studying International Relations (UG) / Class of 2017

Your Time at Edinburgh

Why did you choose to study abroad in Edinburgh?
I chose to study in Edinburgh after visiting when I was younger. Coming to the city for the first time felt like home and the decision to study here came like second nature. Edinburgh is a city but because it has so many students it isn’t overwhelming. It is sometimes hard being so far away from home but because it is so well connected it feels far from lonely. The world-class reputation was appealing but it was more of a decision based on intuition for me personally. I can’t imagine studying anywhere else.

What do you enjoy the most about your degree programme?
The practicality of the assignments is second to none. Studying international relations and writing policy reports, and presenting in groups on relevant issues is experience I will be using after graduation. The transferable skills I’ve learned during my time is invaluable.

What opportunities did you take advantage of at Edinburgh?
I became involved within the International Students Centre at the university. When I was in my first year I found a lot of comfort befriending like-minded students there. I became a volunteer my first week and have spent the last three years on the core committee. I consider my time volunteering with and for international students the highlight of my university experience.

Final Thoughts

What words of encouragement would you have for students from your home state or province thinking about applying to Edinburgh?
Take the chance. Edinburgh is a magical city and to live and study in it is to fall in love with it.

How would you describe Edinburgh in three words?
Cosmopolitan, Stunning, Home

What are you hoping to do after graduation?
I will be going home before coming back for graduation in July. I will be interning at the US Consulate in Toronto throughout the summer and afterwards I am hoping to continue working in international affairs. I just submitted my dissertation on the politics of student migration and am interested in working with immigration and visa applications.

If you would like to get in touch with Steph or another one of our North American students to find out more about what it’s like studying in Edinburgh, get in touch with Tessa and Shannon via email, and they will connect you!

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