Meet Michael from Illinois, USA…

Michael MalvendaProfileLandscape…by Michael / from Illinois / went to Wheaton Warrenville South High School / now studying LLB Law & International Relations (UG) / Class of 2019

Your Time at Edinburgh

Why did you choose to study abroad in Edinburgh?
The University of Edinburgh is a world-renowned institution in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is not too big but not too small and is filled with wonderful festivities and a robust energy. There is so much history in Edinburgh and the University that makes being a student an absolute privilege. The many benefits of the city, as well as the high academic calibre of the institution made Edinburgh the perfect choice. Most importantly though, Edinburgh is the best place for those who want to engage in a truly international experience and be in the middle of a cultural and ideological melting pot.

What do you enjoy the most about your degree programme?
My degree programme, like many others at the University, has provided me with a great deal of flexibility and focus. As a joint honours law student, I am able to take a variety of courses in law while also pursuing my interests in global affairs. The structure of the programme allows me to build on what I’ve learned and grow each semester to achieve new feats. Most of all, I am exposed to so much in my field thanks to the diverse course and resources, and that exposure is leading me to take on new tasks and develop myself further.

What opportunities did you take advantage of at Edinburgh?
There are plenty of opportunities I took advantage of, whether they be academic, in a society or the community, or career oriented. Academically, I decided to take extra courses and to be a tutor in my field of law. I am in the Edinburgh Political Union and Buchanan Institute societies but also am involved on campus with volunteering and research initiatives. I take part in the community through educational volunteer work and utilise the University’s Career Centre to find opportunities that may pertain to my field of study or put me outside my comfort zone to try something new.

Final Thoughts

What words of encouragement would you have for students from your home state or province thinking about applying to Edinburgh?
If you are considering applying to Edinburgh, explore the many resources the University has made available to prospective students. You can find information on degree programmes and courses available, as well as societies and student life. Edinburgh has many opportunities that may not be accessible at a US institution and it is important to realise those and utilise them in your university experience.
Furthermore, I would add it is helpful to gain insights from current or past students and learn from the paths they took. No matter your interests, Edinburgh has a place for everyone. Though it might seem like a big change, it is a worthwhile one and I encourage everyone to keep learning more about the brilliance of the institution and the city.

How would you describe Edinburgh in three words?
Eclectic, enriching, challenging

What are you hoping to do after graduation?
After graduation, I am looking to do a LLM and explore other graduate studies. Following my studies I aim to qualify as a lawyer back in the US. My interests vary but I am keen on delving into human rights law and working internationally.

If you would like to get in touch with Michael or another one of our North American students to find out more about what it’s like studying in Edinburgh, get in touch with Tessa and Shannon via email, and they will connect you!

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