Meet Lindsay from New Hampshire, USA…

Lindsay EvansProfileLandscape…by Lindsay / from New Hampshire / went to Souhegan High School / now studying English Literature & History (UG) / Class of 2020

Your Time at Edinburgh

Why did you choose to study abroad in Edinburgh?
The university was the best fit school for me. It checked off all the boxes: location, great academics and opportunities at the boat club (rowing). I love travelling, so I thought why not take an adventure for the next four years and go abroad?

What do you enjoy the most about your degree programme?
I love literature so much that there’s really nothing I don’t like! I specifically love the passion that the lecturers have for the subject. They’re always just so excited to teach, especially with my English Literature courses, that you can’t help but be excited as well.

What opportunities did you take advantage of at Edinburgh?
Meeting new people by joining clubs and societies. There’s something for every interest.

Final Thoughts

What words of encouragement would you have for students from your home state or province thinking about applying to Edinburgh?
Just apply. Even if you’re not sure you want to go abroad or if you’re scared to move to a different country, just apply. You have nothing to lose, and you may just realise that this is where you belong.

How would you describe Edinburgh in three words?
Beautiful, adventurous, peaceful

What are you hoping to do after graduation?
I want to settle in to a job that I love, whether it be back home in the US or somewhere else in the world. My main goal is to do something I love and take every opportunity I can to travel the world.

If you would like to get in touch with Lindsay or another one of our North American students to find out more about what it’s like studying in Edinburgh, get in touch with Tessa and Shannon via email, and they will connect you!

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