Top tips on saving money whilst being a student in Edinburgh…

…by Louise / from Scotland / studies Art / 2nd Year (UG)

As a 2nd year student I want to share my top tips on budgeting. It’s no secret that living in a capital city is not cheap and that being a student in one can be tough going. So it’s important to know the tricks of the trade to stretching your student loan.


Putting your money where your mouth is…literally. Buying your own food as a student, you can often end up doing what seems easiest -ready meals and eating out, but this is money that could be saved. When budgeting, a top tip is to cook in bulk, like a chilli or bolognaise from scratch that is not only cheap but easy. Freeze it and it goes a long way. My flat mates also cook group meals for one another, taking it in turn. As Edinburgh is surrounded by Sainsbury’s locals, walking that extra mile to Lidl can save you more than you think. Always remember to check the reduced section!


In addition it’s also important to remember that as a student you can get some great deals on food. Dominos have 50% off student Tuesdays. La Favorita are always giving away free pizzas. Lunch time wraps at Kings Building are £1.99! Also when you buy any meal at McDonalds you can get a free student cheese burger or Mcflurry…WINNING.

Discounts don’t just come in the shape of pizza. Joining websites such as UNIDAYS can get you up to 30% discounts on fashion, beauty and technology.


As a student it’s important to budget, not only to save yourself the trouble of being in and out your overdraft at the end of every term, but to also make sure that you have the money to enjoy the social aspects of the university lifestyle. With a little bit of willpower and motivation you will never have the excuse of “I can’t, I’ve ran out of money”.

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