A well spent Sunday…

…by Clarissa / from Indonesia / studies Nursing / 1st Year of PhD

Two weeks ago I passed my first year review and now I’m officially a second year PhD student! After all the hard work for the past two months, I decided to take a chance to relax last Sunday and explore another part of Edinburgh that I hadn’t been to before – Pentland Hills Regional Park. Before the trip, I searched for information from the Pentland hills website to find the shortest and easiest way to go with my little daughter. We picked Harlaw woodland walk (3.5 km), which is a flat route.

We started our journey by taking Lothian bus no. 44 from Princes Street towards Balerno and got off at the last bus stand. From there, we walked for around 15 minutes on foot to reach Harlaw House Visitor Centre. The centre closed at 3pm on Sunday so we couldn’t go inside, but we could take a map of the Pentland hills from a little box outside the house and use the toilet as it is accessible for 24 hours (good news!).

Harlaw Reservoir

Not far from the centre, we found Harlaw reservoir. We sat on the rocks on the reservoir side, enjoyed the sunshine and had our late lunch. The view was calming and peaceful. We noticed people sunbathing and had picnics or BBQs on the side of the reservoir. We also saw some dogs swimming or taking a quick dip in the reservoir. Perhaps they wanted to cool off in that sunny day.

Black Hill

After finishing our lunch and feeling warm, we continued walking.  Then, we saw the amazing view of Black Hill. I wonder if it was named ‘black’ because of its colour, as the hill looked black indeed.

We carried on our walk and realised that we could walk around Harlaw reservoir side and back to the Harlaw Visitor Centre or take a different route to get back to the bus stand. We decided to take the second one. Finally, we reached Threipmuir reservoir. Again, the view was serene.

Threipmuir Reservoir

Overall, it was really a good decision to go to have a walk in Pentland hills. My daughter was very happy and I felt totally refreshed!

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