My final semester…

…by Lois / from Nigeria / studies Biology / 4th Year (UG)

Now that I am in my final semester at The University of Edinburgh, I often catch myself reflecting on the experiences I’ve had during my 4 years as an undergraduate biology student. I started out here as a teenager with a (some would say unnatural) fascination with bacteria, eager to learn more about the little guys. Now, along with my now extensive microbial knowledge, I managed to learn more about biology, the world around me and life in general from both my lecturers and my friends.

I have loads of good memories here like playing ping-pong with my friends in the middle of nowhere, eating double my weight at fancy restaurants and dragging myself up Arthurs’ Seat for the 100th time (it never gets easier). It wasn’t all fun and games though. Studying biology is serious stuff and university work included countless nights in the library and energy drink powered midnight study sessions, but it all paid off and I’ve made it this far so why stop now? All-in-all, my time here has been amazing and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

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I have truly enjoyed so much about studying in Edinburgh. The city is beautiful, my lectures are informative, the facilities are amazing, my friends are cool (well, sometimes), the food is amazing and the people are friendly (once you understand the accents). I came for the microbiology and left with an eye-opening experience.

Thank you Edinburgh.

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