Art school hand-ins…

…by Rosie / from Fife, Scotland / studies Fashion / 2nd Year (UG)

“How difficult can Fashion actually be?”… If you ask me that now I will most likely bite your head off. After a week of long days and late, late nights I can confirm for you- it is really difficult! Fun and rewarding, but really really difficult (and really hard work)!

When the fashion illustrations get too much…

I’m a second year fashion student so thankfully my stress is fairly limited to the week before our hand-in. The week usually begins with me making a list (that I will 100% not stick to) however it puts everything into perspective.

The first thing you realize is that if your hand in is 9.30 Friday morning- you do not have a week, you have a mere 4 days…

The second thing you realize is how much time you wasted over the weekend making unnecessarily time-consuming meals as the ultimate form of procrastination.

And then the reality sinks in that you have a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it.

You must take regular fashion shoot breaks…

I had a big hand in last Friday. The previous week consisted of moving from the studio, to the pattern cutting room, to the computer room, to the shops and when I’m lucky, to my bed. The studio really does become your home and it sounds cheesy but your peers become like your family- a very strange, but fashionable family.

When you coordinate and wear your furs on the same day – all faux!

We have kitted out the studio with a kettle and a fridge (what more could you need?) A late night cup of tea does wonders let me tell you! Not to mention a sneaky pot noodle once all shops in the vicinity are shut- stock up kids!

Forever thankful that i can watch trash tv whilst doing design book work!

We had a good few long nights but everyone was in it together! By the time Friday morning came around everyone had managed to get the work done – a bit ropey in places but the work is there and you are free!… that is until Monday morning when the next project brief is given out!

To learn more about Fashion at the University of Edinburgh visit:

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