My journey starts here: The unknown…

…by Essi / from Finland / studies Biological Science / 1st Year (UG)


It was a blind date. I had seen pictures of her, beautiful pictures, and I had heard a plethora of funny stories about things that tended to happen in her company. Yet I could not stop clenching my hand into a fist as the plane first took off with a clunk and a grumble. Here I was, butterflies in my stomach, and I could not figure out whether they were of excitement or nerves.

Oddly enough, my questions had company. There were five of us equally confused Finns: one avid fan of Harry Potter, another with a colored belt in aikido, one sunk into a book by Hermann Hesse, another watching dreamily out into the sea of clouds, and me, dumbfounded by the realization of what was happening. Every minute I was 15 km further from home, and it would be a while until I’d return. It better be a worthwhile date.

As we came closer, I watched her outlines become clearer. She was curvy! A huge mountain rose from her center – “Arthur’s Seat,” Ms. Potter pointed – and it was surrounded by a colony of unassuming brownish stone houses and bigger flamboyant glass buildings screaming for attention. Yet I was more occupied by her smile, the rays of her radiant expression warming me up through the window. Had I packed rainwear without reason? “Cabin crew, prepare for landing.” The seatbelt sign flashed.

I think I fell in love at first sight. The way you do when you just know someone’s the right fit for you. She isn’t perhaps the prettiest girl on the dance floor, nor does she have a lot of money or fame. But something about her aura makes you feel at home. “Welcome to Edinburgh!” a young woman exclaimed and handed a map as our crew of five marched out the sliding doors into the unknown.


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