Making the most of your lectures…

…by Hugh / from the UK / studies Sport & Recreation Management / 2nd Year (UG)


So after a year and a half of lectures, I have found ways of note-taking and making the most out of the lectures on my course.

I began to type notes on a laptop instead of handwriting because I was able to type up a lot more content than I could write in the same time.  I managed to train myself over a few evenings to be a bit faster at touch-typing, meaning I am not constantly looking at the keyboard. This helps hugely when in a lecture because you are able to look up at the lecturer and focus more on what they are saying and on their projected presentation.

If your lecture slides have been put online before your lecture then I hugely recommend reading the slides beforehand. You’ll know more about the topic that is going to be discussed in your lecture and can focus more on the points said by the lecturer which aren’t on the slides. This is why turning up to lectures is key –  as you put yourself at a huge disadvantage later on in the semester during exam time when you don’t have the detail written down which will give you a high mark in an exam.


If you use a laptop, you can choose to record your lectures so you can catch up on important parts you may have missed during the lecture – I just bought a cheap microphone off the internet and stick it into my laptop to record at every lecture, it is very useful.

If you have background reading, read as much as you can before the lecture! This will give you a more in-depth knowledge of the topic and allow you to have a more insightful view into what the lecturer is talking about, which can lead to you having more to question them about at the end – it’s a win-win!

Lastly, grab a friend and review the content over a coffee for half an hour after the lecture to go over the important material and add anything to your notes from what they have and you don’t.  For me, discussing the content has hugely helped my understanding of the lecture material and allowed us both to let the information sink in better in a casual environment.

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