#bakesalelyf: a perspective on societies & fundraising…

…by Holly / from Cambridgeshire / studies History of Art / 3rd Year (UG)

Being in a society is great; instant friends, a support system and new things to learn and do. There are over 250 societies here at Edinburgh! You can chase a snitch like Harry Potter, or sojourn at a soiree with espresso martinis…meaning, as cliché as this phrase is, that there is a society for everyone. I recommend trying something new, which you may hate, but contrarily you could be inspired and invigorated. You might even find what we are all searching for – your thing.

It is not quite realised, though, just how much goes into running a society, so I thought I would give you all a view from the other side – committee. A society I dabble with is EUSOG, a musical theatre society which puts on three productions a year. I am one of their Fundraising Managers, otherwise known as Q.B.S (Queen of the Bake Sale). It requires a lot of time and effort baking, planning events and trailing the Edinburgh streets for sponsors. But it is worth it- seeing and hearing people enjoy fundraising activities and the shows we can put on as a result is FAB.


Doing your part to help student societies is important- donating 20p for a cake or taking a chance on a raffle strip helps incredibly. After all, we are here to support each other through the roller-coaster that is university. I definitely recommend being part of a committee; I have made close friends in bonding over important decisions and have gained many a *cue grown-up talk* transferable skill.

I am going to finish with a quick successful bake sale guide:

  1. Visuals – use posters, banners, flyers and colourful cakes to rake in the punters
  2. Enthusiasm– music, chatting, smiling, the works. Be ready to pick on people you know
  3. Vegan options!
  4. Change – have a coin float (seems obvious, but often forgotten)
  5. Location – outside the library is a classic
  6. Brings us swiftly onto my last point – timing. Make sure you have plenty of bakes and stall bodies on the hour as lectures end
  7. Get permission – email the library’s Building and Services Manager

Happy society-ing!

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