10 things to see and places to be in Edinburgh…

…by Amy / from Argyll, Scotland / studies Primary Education / 2nd Year (UG)

Coming from a small countryside town in Argyll meant that I found moving to the big city of Edinburgh quite daunting. Although I have lived in Scotland my whole life, I had only visited Edinburgh a couple of times before moving here for university. I decided to come to Edinburgh because of the great reputation the university has and because it seemed like a great place to live! It took me a while to become familiar with the city, and after living here for nearly two years I feel somewhat qualified to give my top 10 favourite things to see and do in the famous city of Edinburgh.


1) Arthur’s Seat

Bringing the countryside to the city, Arthur’s Seat lets you relax and appreciate the wonderful sites of the city in which you live in. It is centred in a very accessible location, especially for students that live close to the University, so there is no excuse for not going to the top at least once. In the course of student life it is important to take some time out, and visiting Arthur’s Seat allows for some (windy) ‘me time.’

2 - Maison de Moggy.JPG

2) Maison de Moggy

I understand that not everyone is a cat person, I know that I’m not. However, after the first ten minutes of my time in the cat café, I found myself fighting for the attention of every little kitten in the place. Maison de Moggy allows for the perfect balance between catering for your sugar needs -through their wide cake choices – and providing you with excellent pet-therapy.


3) Camera Obscura

If you are looking for something different to do, then Camera Obscura is the place for you. This interactive museum is full of weird and wonderful illusions for you to look at, and participate in. This is definitely a place to go with friends or family – it is bound to put a smile on the faces of all ages.

4 - Calton Hill..jpg

4) Calton Hill

If you are looking for a good view, then Calton Hill is definitely a place that you need to visit. It provides many great photo opportunities highlighting the beautiful city.

5) The Meadows

The meadows is a very popular place for students, especially as the weather gets warmer. It is located right next to the George Square campus, and provides an excellent lunchtime picnic location.

6) The National Museum of Scotland

On a rainy day (which isn’t so rare) the museum makes for a great day. There is plenty of things to do and learn about in the museum and it will take hours to see everything in there.

7 - Edinburgh Zoo.PNG

7) Edinburgh Zoo    

I am sure you have heard of the famous pandas that live in Edinburgh Zoo, and this is only one of many animals they have here. It is a great experience to see so many beautiful animals.

8) Portobello Beach

In the summer, be sure to take yourself down to Portobello Beach, there are many cafes to get fish and chips at, or if you are feeling brave you could go for a swim in the refreshing sea.


9) Edinburgh Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is a wonderful thing to go to in the winter season. There are many unique stalls to look at, or buy from, and lots of varied entertainment – I highly recommend the sky flyer. Or you could even go ice skating in St Andrews Square.

10) Edinburgh Hogmanay

Something that you don’t want to miss is the New Year’s celebration in Edinburgh. There are many different events available, for example I went to the ceilidh on the Royal Mile, which was a very family friendly and memorable night. Edinburgh Hogmanay is a memorable and special event that is a must do experience.

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