Graphic Design @ Edinburgh Uni…

…by Abbie / from Scotland / studies Graphic Design / 4th Year (UG)


As an art student, I often hear the same old joke about how it’s ‘not a real degree’ or how we just ‘draw and colour-in all day’. In the Graphic Design studio, this could not be further from the truth! The majority of our coursework is physical; we research through sketchbooks and documenting our thoughts and processes, and then go on to design and make our final ideas. All of this requires us to work independently as well, so self-motivation is key, but that’s not hard when you are doing a degree that is so fun and engaging!


A typical day would include coming into our studio, which is a shared area with spaces to work in, and working on our current projects. The studio is covered with decorations and art from everyone who works in there which makes it an eclectic and inspiring space. Artistic impressions of memes also feature sometimes.


It’s not all serious work though, as we have some comfy sofas and a ping pong table for stress relief. Our views over the castle aren’t awful either, and on a lucky day we get some amazing sunsets as well! Overall, studying in the art college is a really motivating environment, often surrounded by your peers. And we definitely don’t just colour-in all day!

For more information about Graphic Design at The University of Edinburgh visit the degree page at: 

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