King’s Buildings: a highlights tour…

…by Ebba / from Sweden / studies Biological Sciences / 4th Year

When we think of the iconic buildings which belong to the University of Edinburgh, it is often masterpieces such as Old College and McEwan Hall which spring to mind, belonging to the popular central campus. As a Biological Sciences student I have come to spend most of my university career however, at King’s Buildings – the science and engineering hub.

Now, I’ll admit, as a fresher I wasn’t the biggest fan of King’s. Even if only a 30-minute walk from central, there’s not a mega-ton to do in the surrounding area, and it’s not quite ‘location, location, location’ material. Since coming back from my year abroad however, I can see the University’s investment in the campus and I’ve developed a new-found attraction for it. Why is that? Let’s see!

The Greenery

King’s Buildings is filled with hidden green gems like these. Eye-sore? Not exactly.

Outside the James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB)

The Art Displays

Sculptures and other art forms which decorate campus-sites are at times taken for granted, but are often an integral part of their aesthetic.

An Eduardo Paolozzi statue outside the Swann Building (left) and David Brewster statue outside the Joseph Black Building (right)

An Eduardo Paolozzi statue outside the Swann Building (left) and the David Brewster statue outside the Joseph Black Building (right).


As a science and engineering campus, it is not surprising that a lot of the architectural design has taken on a more futuristic aspect. And something amazing for Edinburgh – most of the lecture theatres I have been in are heated!

Outside the Main Library

Yum, yum

The food. This is the area where King’s has improved the most in the past years. I first noticed it with the chocolate-chip cookies sold in the cafeterias. Then I discovered the wraps in the KB centre. And next, the renovation of the Mary Brück café!


Talented People

You will share the same buildings and lectures with them. To give some perspective we share the campus with the Nobel laureate Professor Peter Higgs. Prepare to get inspired.

JCMB Exhibition – Learn more about Higgs & Maxwell!

Seeing the changes which have been made to the campus during my university career, I am excited for its future outlook. I hope others are too.

Bright-Minds at Work


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