Back in Edinburgh (again!)…

…by Clarissa / from Indonesia / studies Nursing / 1st Year of PhD

How time flies! I have lived in Edinburgh for almost two and a half years now. I still remember that feeling of sadness when I finished my masters and was about to leave to head back to my country. Luckily, it turned out that higher education brought me back to this city when I officially become a PhD student eight months ago.

As I come from Indonesia, a country with a lot of sun throughout the year, I consider Edinburgh’s winter weather quite chilly. The funny story is that I was not aware of this snappy weather until I had been accepted to the University of Edinburgh for my masters. A lot of friends told me that I would need to wrap myself up and I could not agree more once I started, as it was really good advice!

Ice skating with my daughter…

However, I think this time for my PhD journey it might be fair to say that winter in Edinburgh is not been bad at all and that I have learnt to embrace the weather. Firstly, I have really appreciated the joy of having a hot cup of tea or coffee to warm up my body when feeling chilly (in addition to the benefit of their caffeine content). Secondly, checking the weather on my phone in the morning has become part of my daily routine. If it’s going to be frosty, I cover up to stay warm. For example I will put on a fleece lining, wear my beanie, gloves and boots. Lastly, I enjoy winter by going ice skating in St. Andrew’s Square which is open during the Christmas season. Such great fun!

Despite the cold winter (remember, I’m a tropical girl), Edinburgh is a really great place to live and study. I also must not forget to mention that the people are really warm and friendly.

Cherry blossoms on the meadows…

Eventually, spring comes after winter. I am really looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms blooming in the meadows again during spring time and enjoying my life here in the next three years ahead!

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